Tuesday, February 11, 2014

100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School is always fun! 1st grade had a hat parade and Katie wasn't really supposed to do anything but she wanted to wear 100 polka dots on glasses and they both wanted to make a 100 fruit loop necklace, so they did!  
 Making the hat. Rylie made spirals out of all the pipe cleaners and I hot glued them on!

 Here it is!!

 Daddy and Katie had their turn!

 Katie decorating her glasses!

 Ready for the day!

They had to go stomp the ice when we went outside with no coats, of course!
 The 100th Day Hat Parade!!
I'm so thankful to have a 2nd grade teacher friend, Julie, that sends me pics when she can. Otherwise, I wouldn't have seen this at all.
Fun Times!
Rylie's 100th Day Paper that she brought home from School...
"I could eat 100 bowls of ice cream"
"I wouldn't eat 100 peas"
"I could read 100 book"
"I could do 100 jumping jacks"
"I wish I had 100 jewels"